Flexible Delineator Posts: What They Are and How They Work

Five Colorful Flexible Delineator Posts From Innoplast

Flexible traffic delineator posts from Innoplast are resilient, rebounding traffic control devices that can withstand impacts. They help guide pedestrian and motorist traffic around parking lots, parking garages, and construction areas. Their bright colors and white reflective tape effectively warn motorists and pedestrians of potentially dangerous areas. A variety of styles and base are available to suit your needs.

How Flexible Traffic Delineator Posts Work

Innoplast's premium multipurpose flexible traffic delineator posts feature high impact bases that are tested to withstand vehicle impacts at 70 mph. The bright delineators are fade-resistant and outdoor weather-resistant. Plus, the reflective tape is highly-visible and tear-resistant. The rebounding design allows the delineator to bounce back after impacts.

Which Traffic Delineator Posts are Right for Me?

Review our different varieties of traffic delineators to determine if a flexible or non-flexible traffic delineator is right for your application(s). After more research, you will be able to determine which type of delineator post you should choose:

Boomerang Delineator Posts

Flexible Boomerang delineator posts meet all state specifications for two-way, two-lane delineators. Its polymer base will not crack or split because it has three times the elasticity of conventional rubber bases. The Boomerang base transfers the stress from impacts to the base, giving longer service life to the HDPE tube. They are perfect for parking lots, islands, work zones, concrete barriers and bridges. Options include:

Repo Delineator Posts

Innoplast's Repo Posts feature a reboundable clover-shaped tube and ABS base fastened together with polymer alloy pins. They are perfect for parking lots, islands and work zones, manufactured using UV-protected fluorescent orange, yellow or white. They are Category 1 devices according to FHWA specifications - small and lightweight channelizing and delineating devices.

Multipurpose Posts

Innoplast's multipurpose posts have reactive springs that can withstand multiple 55mph impacts and return to original position. They are used in parking lots, parking garages and special events. These flexible delineator posts are ideal for any application where high performance and durability are important. Applications include exit lane delineation, changes in road alignment, centerline traffic separation or urban turn restrictions. Products include:

Tuff Posts

Tuff Posts are high performance channelizers that are ideal for applications that require increased visibility and channelization. They are more conspicuous than standard posts and raise driver awareness. They feature anti-twist reactive springs and durable, flexible plastic that is resistant to ozone, UV light and hydrocarbons. Options include:

Ring Top Delineator Posts

Ring top delineator posts are temporary, movable posts consisting of a HDPE tube and 12 lb. rubber base. They have a built-in handle so they're easy to move, and the heavy rubber base helps it not get blown over by the wind. They are easy to set up, and easy to remove.

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