Flat Top Reflective vs Round Top Bollard Covers

Battle of the bollards….

There has been this great debate on which style bollard cover is better, the flat top reflective bollard cover or the round top bollard cover, also referred to as the domed bollard cover.  The truth is, they are equally good. Both offer great features as post covers.

What is the difference between the round top and flat top reflective bollard cover?

Not much.  The biggest difference is the aesthetics and your preference.

The flat top reflective bollard has indentations to place the reflective tape. The ten inch space between the indentations allows the reflective tape to draw attention to that area, making it an ideal spot for your company logo or message.

The round top bollard has smooth sides the full length of the cover.  No indentations, so no reflective tape placement, but it allows more room for long vertical messaging, like curbside pickup or no parking. The rounded dome top also prevents a passerby from setting anything on top of the bollard cover and leaving it behind.  We would want to distract from your brightly colored safety bollard.

What features do both the reflective flat top bollard cover and round top bollard cover have?

A lot, that is why you cannot go wrong with either option. They both will…

  • Improve safety
  • Eliminate the need to paint
  • Be made from HDPE – High density polyethylene
  • Have a 1/8” wall thickness
  • Come with a 5-Year warranty against cracking and fading
  • Come with our patented gripper tabs for a secure installation or foam strips upon request
  • Cut to size at no additional charge upon your request
  • Be readily available in multiple diameters, up to 72” tall
  • Be available in a rainbow of vivid safety colors
  • Round top is currently available in yellow, red, blue and black – custom colors available with minimum order

So, no more fighting.  Both flat top reflective and round top bollard covers are great options.  Now you just need to decide which style bollard cover is right for your facility.  Both styles are available, in stock and ready for purchase with Innoplast!