Make a Great First Impression with Innoplast Bollard Sleeves

Whether you’re meeting your new customer face to face for the first time or they’re deciding to use your parking garage for the first time, first impressions matter just the same. Creating a clean and attractive entrance to your parking garage can convey a lot about the type of facility that you run. You want drivers to feel that they are leaving their car in a safe and well cared for garage, and their encounter with your entry stations, access control, and parking gates set the tone.

A set of strong steel bollards covered with our bright Bollardgard bollard sleeves is a great welcome to your facility. If you’re updating an existing facility surface mount bollards are an easy way to install extra protection without having to core your concrete. Adding bollard sleeves with reflective striping with help increase visibility and reduce the risk of collisions with your entry and pay stations.

Yellow Bollards Around Parking Sign to Parking Lot Entrance

As potential customers approach your garage, you’ll certainly want to alert them to any height restrictions. ClearanceGard Clearance Bars can do just that. Our standard clearance bars are available in two diameters: 4” and 7” and can be made to fit most openings. Because they are made from the same HDPE material as our bollard sleeves they can be ordered to match the sleeves you’ve installed.

Clearance 7'0" Text on Hanging Clearance Bar

To keep the high visibility theme throughout your facility our padded gate arm covers provide two stripes of retro-reflective material as well as ½” foam to prevent dings and scrapes from accidental run-ins. The gate arms covers can even be customized with your specific message.

Thank You For Parking With Us Text on Yellow Parking Entrance Bar

Let us help you make a great first impression and ensure customers want to park in your facility for years to come.