Innoplast Product FAQ

We get a lot of great questions from our customers, so this week we thought we'd answer the top 5 most frequently asked questions.

Q: Will your 4" cover fit over my 4.5" OD pipe?

A: Yes, our 4" cover is designed to fit over a 4" nominal pipe, which has an outside diameter of 4.5"

Q: Does it cost more to have reflective tape added to my bollard covers?

A: Nope! Reflective tape is never an extra cost.

Q: Does the cost vary depending on what color bollard cover I choose?

A: The cost of our covers is determined by the size that you need, not by the color of the cover or the reflective tape choice.

Q: Does it cost extra to have Innoplast cut the covers to a custom height for me?

A: No, we'll gladly cut to your custom size at no extra charge. In fact, it may actually save you a few dollars in shipping if you covers are cut to size here at the warehouse.

Q: Where can I purchase the hardware to install  my new parking blocks or rubber speed bumps:

A: The installation hardware for your parking blocks and rubber speed bumps varies depending on whether they will be applied to concrete or asphalt, but the hardware is always included with your purchase.

Have a questions that wasn't included above? Leave us a comment, shoot us an e-mail, or give us a call. We'll be glad to answer an questions you may have.

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