Increase Facility Safety with Innoplast Parking Blocks, Bollards Covers, & Clearance Bars

Did you know that June is safety awareness month? That seems like just the kind of thing that we can get behind. Although we like to see the creative ways our customers use our products, there is also a safety element to what we do, and we certainly don't want to short change that. It's wonderful to see our bollard covers and parking blocks all lined up in a row, making your storefront look bright and cohesive. But those strong steel pipes underneath are playing an important role. They're protecting the people inside your building, they're doing their part to keep cars outside and customers inside safe. Unfortunately, I think we'd be surprised by how many times a storefront without those bollards ends up the victim of accidents. So this June, we'd like to invite you to take stock of what you can do to improve safety around your facility. Do you need to install some bollards in the parking lot, how about clearance bars in your parking garage, or perhaps it's not something that Innoplast can help with. You know what? That's ok too. Although we'd love to be able to be right there beside you, providing the products that help improve the safety of your facility we realize that sometimes it just isn't the right fit. So we hope that the following resources can help you take stock and make great improvements for yourself and your employees in the year and years to come.

Facility Safety Management has a ton of articles and tips for a multitude of industries

The OSHA  site is always a good place to check to make sure you're in compliance with industry regulations

And this white paper, even though it's a couple years old is a very interesting read on the use of bollards.

Take a look and take stock. Use this June to make your facility the best and safest it can be!