Enhance Your Parking Lot with Custom Padded Gate Arm Covers

Custom padded gate arm covers are the perfect finishing touch to any parking garage or gated parking lot. Spruce up your gated community, business, university, or hotel this summer with Innoplast padded gate arm covers, customized with your logo or message.

The gate arm covers are available in 3 sizes: 50”, 72”, 108”. The ½” thick foam protects vehicles from scratches and dents while the nylon rip-stop fabric makes the covers waterproof, mold, and mildew resistant. This durable construction makes them suitable for nearly all environments. The gate arm covers are stocked in standard colors of yellow, black, and white, while additional colors are available for custom order.

Adding a custom message or logo to a gate arm cover is a great way to direct traffic, communicate restricted access,, and welcome customers. Custom messages such as “Welcome” or “Thank You For Visiting” are commonly requested, as they provide a more personal experience for drivers and can be ready for shipment is as little as one week. Gate arm covers can be custom ordered in a variety of sizes and promote low light visibility with 2” reflective sewn bands.

padded gate arms


Help keep drivers safe from moving gate arms  with a padded cover and a custom message from your business. Give us a call today to find out what we can create together.