How Traffic Delineators Can Help Manage Safety of Drivers in Construction

Each spring in preparation for construction season, the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) draws attention to the importance of work zone safety with National Work Zone Awareness Week. The many distractions drivers face should not put the safety of your employees or construction workers in danger. While increasing awareness is a wonderful thing, we offer another more tangible solution. Innoplast offers traffic delineators, for both temporary and permanent situations.

Traffic delineators help manage the safety of drivers and construction zone workers by guiding traffic throughout or around parking lots, islands, and work zones. Our delineators are made from recycled materials and come in variety colors, styles, and bases – and include reflective tape! In addition to guiding both pedestrian and motorist traffic in your area of concern, delineators provide a visual warning to others as they enter potentially dangerous areas and can be used in high impact applications.

Boomerang delineator posts provide 360 degree visibility due to their round tube shape and are perfect for parking lots, islands, work zones, concrete barriers, and bridges. The two-piece design is fastened together with zinc-plated hex blots and nyloc nuts. Made of HDPE, the tube is more flexible and has a longer life than traditional delineators.

The multipurpose post is made of flexible plastic resistant to UV light, ozone and hyrdocarbons and includes a reactive spring assembly that rebounds upright when impacted. This delineator post can be used for exit lane delineation and head-to-head traffic separation. The base is glued to concrete or asphalt for a long term or permanent solution.

Repo posts are made from UV stabilized polymers and have a base of 100% recycled materials. They can be used for temporary or permanent use in parking lots, islands, and work zones. The two pieces are fastened together with polymer alloy pins.

Remember to stay safe this construction season, but when awareness just won’t do, think of Innoplast delineators for your work zone safety needs.