Delineators and Bike Lanes

Whether you're heading out on your bike for a tough workout or looking to get to work on time your city's bike lanes have become a big part of your ride. Creating a safe cycling environment is a growing priority for local road departments and finding a way to maintain a safe distance between bicycle and vehicle traffic is often at the top of that priority list. Traffic delineator posts are a great solution!

While each city and town may have their own aesthetic and local requirements the Federal Highway Administration recommends vertical elements in the lane separation rather than only striped lanes. These vertical elements have been shown to create the greatest sense of safety for both cyclists and motorists and that sense of safety results in increased use of bike lanes. The National Institute for Transportation and Communities notes that "planters, curbs, and flexible delineator posts provided the greatest sense of comfort, and that any type of buffer shows a considerable increase in self-reported comfort levels over a striped bike lane." The Ohio Department of Transportation reports ridership increases significantly once separated lanes have been installed. After cities have established divided bike lanes riders choose cycling over other modes of transportation, which reduces vehicle traffic, and 25% of existing cyclists are cycling more because they feel safer.

traffic delineator posts

Selecting the right vertical barrier for your bike lanes is an important choice. Cities are attempting to create a balance of safety, aesthetics, emergency and service vehicle access, as well as efficient and effective use of the municipal budget.  That's why this month we're offering a 5% discount on traffic delineator posts (multipurpose posts) with code MULTI5. Our multipurpose posts are available in both quick-release and fixed bases, as well as a number of color and reflective tape options, to accommodate any city's requirements. Flexible delineators are a great choice for barriers as they are affordable, easy to install, and highly visible. The reactive spring system allows the post to return to upright after being struck and the reflective bands offer increased visibility, even in low light situations. Quick-release options can be removed for scheduled road maintenance and the flexibility of both the fixed and quick-release models allow for emergency vehicle access.

The traffic delineator post checks all the required boxes for creating safe and separated bike lanes in your town. If you'd like more guidelines on developing bike lanes in your community take a look at Federal Highway Administration guide here; or if we can provide a quote for your project please contact us, we'd love to help you create a safer city.