Decorative Bollard Cover Benefits

Have you been thinking of classing up the joint? Giving your facility a little more curb appeal? Are you just in need of a general face lift?

We're always working on ways to make facility management a little easier for you and we think our Decorative Bollard Covers certainly fit the bill.


decorative bollard covers

These decorative covers provide a granite finish appearance without the cost and difficult installation. A quick trip around the internet will show you the average price for granite bollards is about $530.00 a piece. Our granite finish covers come in at a fraction of the cost - $115.00. They also have the added benefit of being able to be installed by one person, rather an an entire crew and crane.

Our slant top style pictured above is available in an 11.15" ID and will fit over a pipe up to 27" above grade. If you're pipe is a bit of a different size or you'd be interested in a custom order of granite finish in our standard BollardGard style (8" and 11" diameter) give us a call and see how we can help you create the facility you always dreamed you could afford.