Why our customers love BollardGard Bollard Covers

Are you on the fence about where you should purchase your bollard covers? Not sure if BollardGard Bollard Covers are the right choice for your parking lot? If that's the case we'd love to share what some of our Innoplast customers, and BollardGard users, are saying about their experience, why they're using the products, and how it's helping their bottom line.

Our bollard covers can be used nearly anywhere, but are increasingly finding a home in front of freshly redesigned convenience stores and gas stations. Many chains and franchises are working hard to make their stores more than just a place to grab a quick drink while you fill up. They recognize that an inviting exterior draws customers in to see all the great new products inside. To help create that inviting exterior many facilities are installing new bollards, replacing old damaged ones, or including them in the design of new stores; and Innoplast is able to be a one stop shop for both the steel pipe and covers needed.

bollard covers

Our customers love the ease of being able to order all their supplies from one place, the ability to do it online - from their phone or computer, and knowing that their products will arrive quickly. They love that the simplest and most effective way to protect against store front crashes looks great and is affordable. But, the number one reason our customers are choosing our bollard covers? They are quick and easy to install and look better than painted pipe!

Keeping that polished appearance is actually saving our customers time and money. Because BollardGard has a five year guarantee against fading and cracking, employees are not spending time scraping and repainting bollards after every bump or major weather change. Our bollard covers are virtually maintenance free, because the only regular care they require is a quick wipe down with mild soap and water if they become dirty.

A time and money saving product, that's virtually maintenance free, and improves the appearance of your store in minutes, it's no wonder our customers are telling us how much they love BollardGard. But if their experiences still leave you with a few questions give us a call, a real person will answer the phone and be ready to help. Our customer service team loves to create the perfect solutions for your unique facility.

Have an Innoplast experience you'd like to share? Drop us a line we'd love to hear how we're doing.