Create Custom Bumper Post, Delineator, Gate Arm Cover Products and More with Innoplast

We never know what the next request will be.  And we love it! We love hearing how you plan to use or modify our products to work for your application!  Innoplast offers a large variety of stock products, but quite often we receive the request for something a little custom.  It could be something as simple as custom lettering on a bollard cover or a padded gate arm or it could be as complicated as designing and building a new mold for a custom bollard cover.  Below are a few examples we can share on how our products have been customized or used in a custom way either by us, or by our customers.

  • Bollard covers have been used to hide video cameras
  • Delineators have been hung from the ceiling to help direct traffic
  • Padded Column protectors have been used to not only protect children, but to reinforce the school’s motto
  • A pointed cap to cover boat dock posts and keep seagulls from landing on the top
  • FabricWrap covers to support LGBT pride month
  • To warn of low overhead clearance in a colorful way
  • Bollard covers labeled for an entrance and exit
  • An artist has used them to add color to his display
  • Custom padded u-bollard cover
  • Gate arm cover with “pocket” for light strip
  • Purple bollard covers

Let us know how you have used our products.  Also send photos if you have them to!