Custom Post Cover Success Story

Every once in a while our customers require a very specific product. Sometimes that means a color match to perfectly blend in with the facility color scheme or it might be the customization of a standard product for a brand new purpose; just like what we helped our customers at All Jersey Mechanical accomplish.

Our friends over at All Jersey were looking for a solution to cover some grocery store post covers that also had a large flange at the bottom where they were mounted to the floor. While covering the bollard portion was an easy fix with a standard post cover,  covering the bottom flanges was a little more challenging, but nothing we couldn't fix. While our customer wasn't in the market for creating a new mold, although that's usually a possibility, they were interested in creating a separate second piece that was large enough to cover the flange. So, that's exactly what we did!

Custom Products

It turns out one of our larger diameter covers was a perfect fit to protect the flanges. So by using just the top portion of the larger cover and routing a hole into the center, we were able to nest the smaller cover into the opening and to create just the right combination of sizes.

Although we might not have a product on the shelf for your unique application we're always willing to work on a solution specific to your project. We love helping our customers craft the right product for their job, whether it be bollard covers in a grocery store or speed bumps in your parking lot, don't be afraid to contact us even if you don't see what you're looking for. We may be able to custom craft a solution for you!