Creating an ADA Compliant Parking Lot with Innoplast Flexible Delineators

Creating an ADA Compliant Parking Lot

Creating a park lot environment that is accessible for all visitors to your facility is an important job. So, we’ve put together 5 tips for creating an inviting and functional parking lot that meets ADA compliance standards.


1.       Number of spaces: To determine how many accessible spaces you’ll need, use the chart below.

2.       Size of spaces: Accessible spaces should be at least 90” in width, while spaces that are van accessible should have a width of 96”.

3.       Location of Spaces: Accessible spaces should be located on the shortest possible route from the parking lot to an accessible entrance.

4.       Signage: After you have determined the minimum number of spaces for your facility, ADA compliance requires that each space be market with a sign which displays the accessibility symbol.  Innoplast has a number of flexible sign posts and bollard systems that are compatible with ADA signage and create a polished appearance for your parking lot.

5.       Always check your state and city regulations. Although our recommendations are the current standard, things are always changing. Specific requirements for your location may fall outside of these recommendations. It’s always best to double check your ADA compliance with your local authorities to ensure your facility meets and perhaps even exceeds the law.



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