Concrete Bollard Maintenance

Concrete Bollards are great for vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, or to dress up any parking lot, loading dock, pier, beach, or warehouse. However what happens to the bollards after a couple of seasons the weathering sets in? Bollard maintenance can become costly in man hours, paint, or replacing all together. An easy solution to these problems, bollard covers.

Bollard covers are great for any type of application where you have bollards.

Traditionally concrete bollards have been painted to keep them looking nice. There are a few reasons why this method is not ideal:

    Painting the bollards need to be done on a regular basis
    Paint does not protect the bollards from the elements
    Paint does not protect vehicles, doors, etc from the abrasive nature of the bollard
    Paint does not help when the concrete starts to fail
    It is difficult to keep reflective tape on a painted bollard
    It is difficult to customize a painted bollard
    Painting bollards is a messy job

Bollard covers come in a variety of different sizes, and colors.  Check out for all bollard cover options and solutions.