Column Wraps vs. Column Guards: Which is Right for You

Three Examples of Column Wraps and Column Guards

Column wraps, column guards, and other column protection solutions from Innoplast protect column and poles in your warehouse, parking lot or facility. They also protect car doors from damage and protect people in your facility. We offer a variety of products with a wide range of sizes, colors, and features. So, how can you determine which option is right for you? Read more to help make your decision.

Strength of Column Wraps, Column Guards and Other Products

When browsing our column protection options, consider the strength that your application(s) will require. In terms of strength, here is how our products rank:

Sentry Protection Products

Our Sentry products are our toughest protection solutions. These column guards are often used in warehouses to protect against damage from fork lifts. They are bright, visible shields that increase visibility to help avoid collisions altogether.

Padded Column Wraps

Our padded column wraps are also very good protection options. They are commonly used in parking garages to protect car doors from scratches. They feature 10 ounces of nylon fabric that is rip-proof, waterproof, mold proof and fade resistant. The core is made of 1/2” thick loose cell foam and the nylon exterior includes two 2”W reflective stripes for high visibility.


Innoplast's Bumperwrap is a more lightweight option for parking garage columns and light pole bases to protect car doors. Car dealers, car washes and retail shopping centers love its visibility and conformity to uncommon applications.

Poletector 360 Base Cover

The Poletector 360 is a customized plastic light pole base cover. They are typically used in place of painting a light pole base, that can feature custom branded imagery. Snapping them around your light pole base will help reduce damage to your light pole and customer’s vehicles.

Are Column Wraps and Column Guards Easy to Install?

You can easily install, adjust, and remove all of our column wraps, guards, and Sentry products. You can easily attach column wraps with Velcro, while you can install Sentry column protectors with a strap. Please contact us if you have any questions about installing, adjusting, or removing our products.

Which Products Have the Highest Visibility?

While all of our column guards offer added visibility, some options have more features than others. For example, our padded column wraps have two bands of reflective material sewn in, which is a helpful feature that many customers enjoy.

Other Benefits to Consider

There are many other product features you should consider before making your decision. For example, padded column protectors are very affordable and vehicles won't be damaged if they hit them at a moderate speed. Plus, you can custom brand Poletector 360 wraps with your logo. But ultimately, all of our column protection options will reduce maintenance and repairs to your column.

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you still having trouble deciding which option is right for your specific application(s)? We would love to help you determine which products are the best fit! We have years of experience with all sorts of different facilities and applications, so we'd love to serve you. Please contact us to speak with our helpful representatives today.