College and University Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety

It is that time of year again when our kids are heading back to school.  I myself have one heading back to college in a few days.  One of my biggest concerns when taking her back is parking and safety on campus.  Besides the normal worries of will she do well, will she make good friends, will she be safe, and how will she ever survive without me.  That last one was a joke; she will thrive without me.  But really, I do worry about where I will park, whether it will be easy to maneuver through the chaos of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists and how everyone is kept safe in traffic.

So how do campuses do it?  What do they do to ensure the students safety whether they are driving a car, walking to class or riding their bike around town?  Well, lots of planning for sure.  Most colleges and universities will do comprehensive analyses of their parking and transportation management systems. And of course, keeping things adequately maintained with things like well planned road systems, properly marked bike lanes, road signs, bollards and pedestrian signs will help increase safety for the students.

Innoplast offers several of the safety products that colleges and universities commonly use to increase safety around campus.  Below are a few of the areas and the products that can be used to help increase vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety Ideas

  • Parking Lots: Whether you are a student or a visitor, you will need to park at some point in time at a college or university.  Bollard covers are often used in the parking lot areas to cover the steel posts that are used to protect the entrance and exit gates.  They are available in 13 different colors so you can match the school’s colors. Or you can pick the brightest one to make sure they are easily seen by motorist.
  • Crosswalks: Many students live off campus, but still live close enough to walk and those that live on campus will walk to their classes throughout the day.  Clearly labeling the crosswalk with pedestrian signs will keep students moving in the right direction.
  • Bike Lanes: Biking to campus is a great way to eliminate the need to find parking.  Delineators work well at marking bike lanes and help prevent vehicles from entering the bike path, keeping bicyclists safe.
  • Bus Stops: Using the local busing system is another great option for students to avoid campus parking lots. Steel bollards are used around the bus stop to protect students as they wait for the bus to arrive. Bollard covers can easily be added to the steel posts to add a little color.

Parking Today’s article “Is University Parking a Common Grievance?” states that “Parking remains a frustrating endeavor for students, faculty and support staff at most U.S. colleges and university.”  So good luck out there as you head back to school.  Stay safe while trying to find a parking spot, crossing the street or bicycling to class!

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