Cleveland Bike Lanes & Innoplast Bike Bollards

There's an exciting new initiative taking place in our backyard, Cleveland. With the no longer in use street car lanes leaving boulevards wider than needed for the existing traffic flow, developers are proposing a new bike lane system for the city. The new bike lanes would provide a center lane, two-way bike lane with vehicle traffic on either side. Although the proposed project would begin with a one mile stretch of road, project designers are hoping to extend the lanes up to 100 miles helping to push Cleveland to the forefront of the cities with non-car lanes. The existing width of the lanes would also enable city planners to include space for runners and walkers as well as trees, benches, and other aesthetic additions. If approved, the new bike lanes will provide routes to the extensive Cleveland Metro Parks system and to various neighborhoods around the city. The increase in perceived safety for the cycling community will go a long way in helping to encourage new cyclists to venture out by bike as we discussed previously.

The increase in bike traffic is shown to have a positive affect on businesses as well as health. A study on  changes in business revenue when protected bike lanes were installed on 9th Ave in Manhattan showed a 41% increase in businesses on that street and a 3% increase for businesses on surrounding streets. Another benefit to increased bike customers is to the parking. Businesses can fit 10 bikes into the same amount of space required for 1 car parking space. For urban business already crunched for space that 10:1 ratio could be a huge factor in helping to increase their customer base.

We love projects that help increase the physical and economic health of our town. To hopefully see the project on the horizon makes us even more excited that we've recently started carrying a new fixed bike bollard.


Our bike bollards pull double duty by protecting your building and providing bicycle parking. They are 36" above grade and are surface mount with half inch drill anchors, which means there is no need to dig up existing concrete. This simple addition to your facility could help attract more cycling customers and increase the safety of all customers.

Keep innovating Cleveland. We can't wait to see what you do next!