Clearance Bars, Do You Know What Your Clearance Height Is?

Innoplast clearance barsI recently returned from the SEMA show in Las Vegas.  This was a “for fun” show, well for me it was. I highly recommend everyone add it to their bucket list, it is quite amazing to see in person.  If you are not familiar with the SEMA show, just think automotive specialty products, tools, parts components and all the vehicles these items are used on.  Pretty much a gearheads heaven.  My husband was on cloud 9 the entire time.

But I digress.  What caught my eye was the HUGE amount of lifted trucks. They were everywhere.  Which of course made me think of Innoplast’s clearance bars and how important they are to have in place. They are sometimes referred to as a headache bar, bumper bar, overhead clearance bar, or height guard. No matter what you call them, they are necessary.   We here at Innoplast most commonly refer to them as clearance bars.

Are Clearance Bars Necessary?

Clearance bars are necessary because they help warn drivers against accidental collisions.  You many have seen them in warehouses, on low clearance bridges, car washes, drive thru's, valet carports, and other low clearance applications.  Drivers of these lifted trucks and other large vehicles such as campers, box trucks, dump trucks and semis really need to be aware of their vehicle’s size before they go driving around.  They need to know their vehicles height so when they see a clearance sign, they know whether they will fit.  If they are not aware of the vehicles height, they could not only damage their vehicle, but they could also damage the structure they are driving through. And this could be very dangerous as the structure could collapse on them.  There are countless websites and forums showing video and discussing the tragedies that can occur when they try to fit these large vehicles in places with a low clearance.

We recommend if you are an owner of a lifted truck, camper, box truck, dump truck, semi or any oversized vehicle, please be aware of what your vehicles height (including bike and luggage racks) and pay attention to those clearance signs.  If you need a sign at your work, please feel free to look at our clearance bars on our website.  We now offer a clearance bar kit so you can do-it-yourself if you are not sure what the clearance is ahead of time.

Stay alert, watch your height and keep on driving!