Choosing the Right Delineator Posts or Channelizers


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For both first-time buyers and experienced purchasers alike, we recommend staying up to date on the features and benefits of different traffic control products. Products we’re frequently asked about are Delineator Posts/Channelizers, so we’ve provided some additional information below that may help you understand which products will work best for your specific application(s). At Innoplast, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to the opportunity to help make your decision easier.

What are Delineator Posts/Channelizers?

A delineator post is a temporary or permanent post that can be used in an array of applications. Primarily, they are great tools for guiding pedestrian and motorist traffic in a variety of areas and locations. They are typically bright colors and often feature reflective tape so that they’re easily recognizable to warn motorists and pedestrians of potentially hazardous areas.

A “channelizer” is a commonly used term for a specific kind of delineator post that is used to direct motorist traffic.  Channelizers are meant to separate, distribute, or organize traffic into different lanes or areas. They are often brightly colored with reflective sheeting so they can be easily noticed. Plastic channelizers are weighed down by a rubber base which can vary in size, shape, and function. Channelizers can differentiate state-by-state based on specific guidelines and regulations. Shop our delineators/channelizers to learn more.

Common Applications for Delineator Posts/Channelizers

Innoplast offers a wide selection of delineator post/channelizers that can serve a variety of functions. Common application areas of traffic safety delineator posts include the following:

For more ideas, read our blog post regarding How and Where to Use Delineator Posts.

Which Delineator Base Should I Choose?

To determine which base is the best fit for you, you must first identify if you’d like a portable or fixed delineator post.

Permanent Delineator Bases

We offer multiple permanent, surface-mounted delineators to offer solutions for a wide variety of applications. Choose the base that is right for you:

  • Fixed Base – These surface-mounted bases secure to the delineator post with bolts or adhesives. The Fixed Base can be installed using a standard anchor kit, epoxy or Super Bundy pads.
  • Quick Release Base – These surface-mounted bases allow you to remove the delineator post from the surface-mounted base. With these bases, you can change out or remove products in less than five seconds without the use of tools or special equipment.
  • Boomerang Reboundable Base - Boomerang bases are great because they offer 3x the elasticity of conventional rubber bases by transferring the stress from impacts to the base, giving longer service life to the HDPE tube. The base is constructed from specially formulated polymer and is made with 100% recycled content.
  • Boomerang Bolt-Down Plate – These bases are a great option for areas that are not suitable for epoxy or butyl pads. The compact bases can fit easily into tight spaces for convenient installation.

Portable Delineator Bases

If you’re interested in portable delineator posts, our 12 lb. Diamond Series Rubber Base is the most dependable, sure-footed traffic delineator base on the market. It's made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber that is manufactured using a High-Pressure Compression process which guarantees uniform compression molding for a more durable base.

Additional Resources

For further information to help you choose which delineator posts and channelizers will best fit your application(s), please contact us to discuss your needs with our representatives. Also, we recommend reviewing this additional blog post to help you understand how to Control Traffic Flow with Flexible and Removable Bollards.