Caring for your Stainless Steel Bollards

Our customers often bring us great questions and sometimes those questions are so good they turn into blog posts like this one!

Recently a customer reached out to us regarding some stainless steel U-bollards he had purchased. Despite stainless steel being virtually rust resistant, rust was appearing on his bollard. He was unsure why this would be happening and just as importantly, what he could do about it. We know that our customers’ love of stainless is due to the lack of maintenance and great appearance, even after years of service. So, it was important to us to help him get his steel back into prime condition.

Stainless Steel Bollards

The majority of the time that rust appears on stainless steel it's not actually the stainless rusting, but rather the product has come into contact with another piece of iron or steel and the material left behind is what is rusting. For bollards installed near gas pumps, or other parking lot installations, where stainless steel may come into contact with vehicle doors regularly, knowing how to properly remove any rust that occurs is a must.

So you've noticed that your stainless has come into contact with another material that is oxidizing on the pipe, now what do you do? The answer is simple: purchase a stainless steel cleaner - available at most hardware stores, and buff off the rusted material. If using a wire brush remember to use only stainless steel wire that has not come into contact with any other type of steel so as to prevent any further spread of rust. It may take a bit of time and elbow grease to remove all the rust, but doing so will ensure a smooth beautiful finish and long life of your bollard. Be sure to always follow the safety precautions listed on the stainless steel cleaner you choose; such as wearing protective gloves, thoroughly rinsing the steel after all rust is removed, and if necessarily neutralizing run-off water with baking soda.

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