Post Covers Refresh Car Wash Appearance

The height of summer is upon us and for many people that means more trips to the car wash to keep their vehicle beautiful for warm evening cruises or to help wash off the tar and dirt of construction season. So what can you do to make sure that customers choose your car wash instead of your competitors?

One of the simplest changes is a spruce up in the exterior appearance of your facility. Timothy Hogue of Modern Car Wash Architecture reminds his customers that landscaping should be an area of focus. "Customers connect a beautiful site with a car wash tunnel that is just as well maintained, which means a cleaner car." He advises that "owners need to look at every aspect of the site, the building, the waiting areas, and the tunnel from a customers perspective." A well maintained facility creates a great first impression and can be an eye catching invitation for potential new customers.

So what should you be doing to capitalize on these potential benefits? A landscape clean up can go a long way to making your facility look professional and polished. Make sure that plants are pruned and lawns regularly mowed to convey the message of well maintained equipment inside your facility.

Don't stop at just the landscaping, be sure to take a look at your whole facility. Has paint started to peel or dull? Have your lanes developed some pot holes over the winter? The ability to impress your customers and potentially capture business from competitors begins from the moment a future customer sees your car wash.  Your building maintenance sends a strong message of how well your tunnel and equipment are maintained. A new coat of paint on the outside of your building,  a resurfacing of your asphalt, or a new set of bollard covers like these (view our post cover gallery for additional images):

post covers at car wash

has the potential to be the deciding factor in first impressions. According to Willard Bishop Consulting these exterior upgrades can have an ROI of up to 20%.

The key to maximizing these returns is being proactive. Setting a regular maintenance schedule prevents your customers from ever being exposed to a problem, not to mention being able to plan maintenance expenses instead of finding funds for surprise emergency fixes.  This schedule also helps to control closure and down time. Reliable and high functioning equipment can help make you the car wash of choice for customers.

When scheduled (or even unscheduled) maintenance does need to occur during business hours you can still maintain a professional appearance by using the right product for lane closures. There's quite a difference in this temporary "bollard."

Grocery cart

and this temporary bollard, BollardGard Anywhere™:

BollardGard Anywhere

The presentation of your facility on the outside says volumes about the equipment inside. So this summer make the most of some easy and inexpensive maintenance, give drivers a reason to check out your facility instead of your competitions', and let Innoplast help you make a great first impression.