BumperWrap™ is a flexible protective wrap for use on concrete light pole bases, floor-to-ceiling columns, concrete walls, railings and many "non-standard" bollard applications.  BumperWrap™ is great for car dealership inventory lots, public municipal parking lots, and valet stations; drive thu's, gas stations, convenience stores and warehouses.

BumperWrap™ is extruded vinyl (Flexible PVC) material measuring 12" wide and 1/2" thick.  It can be cut from standard 40-foot rolls to accommodate any size or shape circumference.  Black and yellow is standard, and other color combinations are available by custom run.  Please call us for a quote on customer colors.  BumperWrap™ installs quickly and easily with heavy duty cable ties or poly strapping, both available from Innoplast.  Straps and cable ties are hidden in the BumperWrap™ internal channels.  All installation materials are plastic so they won't rust or cause vehicle damage.  BumperWrap™ can also be installed on flat surfaces with commercial adhesive also available from Innoplast.