Smooth Bollard Covers for all Shapes

Did you know that you can use our round, smooth bollard covers to cover a square post? We recently helped our friends over at Sunrise Springs cover some yucky old square bollards with our round BollardGard bollard covers.

Sunrise Spring6 Before - resized

BollardGard Bollard Covers
If you're confused about how to figure out what size you would need, we have a nifty little formula of:

side length² + side length² = √of total That will give you the standard diameter measurement which we would normally use to determine the correct cover size.

Or you could use this little cheat: a 4"x 4" square would use a 7" cover and a 6"x 6" square would use an 8" cover. For a square post we'd supply our 2" foam instead of gripper tabs to ensure a snug fit. You can install the foam just like this:

BollardGard Alternate Installation-page-0

Need  more help? You can always give us a call at 800-516-9287!