Smooth Bollard Covers for all Shapes

Did you know that you can use our round, smooth bollard covers to cover a square post? We recently helped our friends over at Sunrise Springs cover some yucky old square bollards with our round BollardGard bollard covers.

post before

Smooth Bollard Covers
If you're confused about how to figure out what size you would need, we have a nifty little formula of:

side length² + side length² = √of total That will give you the standard diameter measurement which we would normally use to determine the correct cover size.

Or you could use this little cheat: a 4"x 4" square would use a 7" cover and a 6"x 6" square would use an 8" cover. For a square post we'd supply our 2" foam instead of gripper tabs to ensure a snug fit. You can install the foam just like this:

BollardGard Alternate Installation-page-0

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