Innoplast's Bollard Covers featured at Harlem Globetrotters Game in Cleveland

When I am out and about doing things on my own personal time I am always happy to stumble across Innoplast’s bollard covers.  We are not always aware of where our products are being sent or how they are used since we often sell to distributors.  So I was pretty happy when my family and I went to see the Harlem Globe Trotters after the holidays in Cleveland and we came across a basketball court lined with our yellow bollard covers! 

We had the Magic Pass, so we were able to go down on the court before the game started.  We met several of the players, learned some new tricks and shot a few baskets.  The bollard covers were down on the court and were used for crowd control.  They kept all of us fans in line at each of the different stations we visited while we were down on the court.  

The distributor that purchased the bollard covers from us developed and added a light weight base, eye bolts and a chain so the units could easily be picked up and moved off the court once the meet and greet was finished. The eye bolt in the cover allowed the chain to be attached to multiple covers, linking them together to create a unique crowd guiding system rather than using a standard post and rope stanchion. The larger diameter of the bollard cover and the bright color made it easy for fans to see where the lines begin and end. The unique rocket like base helped prevent the bollard covers from being knocked over by excited fans like us. 

My family of course teased me that the bollard covers were the real reason I wanted to come, that of course was not the case, but was a great added perk! I have always enjoyed watching the Harlem Globe Trotters and all of the amazing “tricks” they can perform and I am happy they were able to use our bollard covers in this unique way to help with their meet and greet with fans go smoothly!

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