Be Flexible with XL BollardFlex Sign Posts

The XL Heavy Duty Sign Posts protect vehicles from unnecessary damage and eliminate damages to parking lot surfaces. Our XL product line includes sign posts or bollard and sign post combinations.

XL Sign Post products utilize a heavy-duty galvanized steel base with concealed spring technology for long-term durability.  The heavy-duty base is ideal for parking lots with heavier traffic patterns, such as big-box retailers, universities and airports.  Our XL base carries a lifetime limited replacement warranty, and holds both standard-sized and large regulatory signs, up to 36″ x 36″, such as a stop or yield sign, or custom signage.

How do our sign posts stand up to wind and force?

Our Degrees of Deflection chart shows how our standard Sign Post and XL Sign Post deflect at various wind speeds and foot-pounds of force (ft-lbf).

Why use BollardFlex XL products?

  • Tough – Extreme heavy-duty flexible sign post made of steel and built to last
  • Flexible - Sustains impacts with 360° range of motion.
  • Easy to Install – Installs easily within 30 minutes. No special tools or bulky equipment needed. Concrete or asphalt hardware available.
  • Increased Safety – Eliminate hazards caused by broken signposts and bollards
  • Save Money – Reduce expensive labor, repair and maintenance costs
  • Happy Customers – Accidents happen – no harm done to your customers vehicle, signpost or parking lot

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