Back to School Safety

Back to school safety is on our minds.  With our fast-paced lives and the stress of our changing world, it is especially important to remind drivers to slow down and pay attention as kids head back to school. Our children’s safety is a priority.

Pay Attention, Kids Are Out and About

According to the National Safety Council, there are several things we should pay particular attention to as kids head back to school to ensure their safety.

  • Drop-off areas – schools will have specific rules and drop-off areas so make sure you are paying attention to what and where those are.
  • Young Pedestrians - younger pedestrians will be walking to and from school so be on alert for children in school zones, near playground and parks, and in residential areas.
  • School Buses – follow all the proper rules and leave plenty of space between you and the bus if you are following behind. And remember, it is illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children.
  • Bicyclist – Motorists need to be extra vigilant in school zones and residential neighborhoods. Motorists must keep in mind that children have a tendency to turn in front of vehicles without signaling or looking and usually are not able to properly determine traffic conditions.

How Can I Improve Safety Around My School Building?

Innoplast is here to help reduce some of the stress that we are all experiencing by offering a variety of back to school safety products that can be used in and around your school or daycare building.

Our products can be used to label drop-off areas, help encourage social distancing, slow drivers in the parking lot, alert motorists to designated crosswalks, or brightly enhance the posts around your school.

Clearly label drop-off areas

  • You can quickly call attention to these areas with ring top delineators and BollardGard Anywhere. They have a sturdy rubber base and are brightly colored to make them stand out.

Encourage Social Distancing

  • Ring top delineator – easily placed inside our outside to clearly label where students should lineup. The ring on top makes them easy to move!  Easily grab the ring on top to change or re-route traffic in the parking lot or put a chain through to section off large areas.

Slow Driving Speeds

  • Speed bumps will slow down drivers as they enter and exit the school or daycare.  A well placed speed bump should serve as a reminder to motorists to reduce speeds to 2-5 MPH when crossing over.

School Crosswalk

  • Label with pedestrian signs so kids know where to safely cross the street to get to and from school.  The 2 sided In-Street Pedestrian Signs are ideal for mid-block crosswalk identification. The product contains an anti-twist reactive spring system that is designed to return the unit to its original position after impact.

Enhance your school

  • Adding bollard covers along with a messaging will enhance the appearance of the bollards that are protecting your school. Bollard covers easily slide over the top of existing steel bollards.  Adding a school name, mantra or mascot is a great way to encourage school spirit!

Call us at 800-516-9287!  We will gladly help you find the right product to improve safety at your school or daycare center!

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