Back to School: Keep Pedestrians and Cyclists Safe

The end of August is right around the corner, meaning school supply shopping is in full swing as people are gearing up for their first day of the new school year.

As the weather stays nice throughout the summer and fall, it is important that schools take their safety measures seriously for those walking or biking to school. These safety measures can be enhanced by Innoplast’s fixed bike bollard and pedestrian signs.

Innoplast’s fixed bike bollard can serve two functions:  as a traffic barrier to protect cyclists and pedestrians, as well as to provide a safe space for bike storage, as cyclists can lock their bikes onto the steel frame. Our fixed bike bollard has an easy installation process and the galvanized steel ensures a long life with little maintenance required.

Along with the safety of cyclists, schools should focus on their safety precautions for pedestrians. Innoplast carries several pedestrian signs with multiple bases available. Our 2-sided yield sign with a quick release base is perfect to use on crosswalks or at intersections in order to alert motorists to local laws concerning stopping for pedestrians. The sign has an anti-twist reactive spring at its base to rebound upright when struck.  In addition to the quick release base Innoplast also offers a portable base which can be deployed at a moment’s notice and easily be stored away until needed again.

Start the school year off prepared by equipping your school with the necessary precautions needed to keep students, parents, and faculty safe as they enjoy walking and biking outside. We hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and happy start to a great new school year!

aug 19 2016 fixed-bike-bollard-89x300