Innoplast Offers American-Made Bollard Covers, Column Protectrs, Gate Arm Covers and More

We know that the quality of our products matters to you. You aren't looking for a cheap fix that will probably need replaced within the year, you're looking for a cost effective product that will provide years of worry free performance, and we take that into consideration when manufacturing and sourcing our products. One of the ways we've been able to maintain our standards is by manufacturing products in the US. By keeping manufacturing close to home we can easily address quality issues that arise, visit manufacturing facilities to ensure safe production practices, and help strengthen communities by providing job opportunities.

Our BollardGard bollard covers are made right here in Ohio and sometimes we actually do stop in to see how things are going.

And it isn't just our bollard covers that are made here, if you're looking for some made in America padded protection, our column wrap, gate arm covers, and padded bollard covers all fit the bill. If you've taken care of your parking bollards and parking lot protection needs we can help you finish off your project with some made in America plastic speed bumps and parking blocks, because guess what - they're made here too!

While not all of our products are made in America, we're proud to offer a variety that are. You can find more products on our site that are manufactured in the US by looking at the specifications tab for any product.