New Bollard Video: Affordable Post Covers from Innoplast

Innoplast recently launched a new video highlighting the affordability and durability of its chief product, the BollardGard bollard cover.

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The video, “Affordable Bollard Covers from Innoplast,” speaks directly to customers looking for the best value in facility protection.

“I’m convinced that we do a high quality product at an affordable price and we do an exceptional job of services our customers,” Rick Raymond, president of Innoplast, said in the video.

Jim Corra, a manager at Park Auto Group and an Innoplast customer, said Innoplast’s bollard covers is a very economical investment. He said they look the same since the day they were installed – no marks, fading or cracking from weather, time or people bumping into it.

The video explains how Innoplast’s bollard covers can reduce maintenance and eliminate painting.

It also shows how simple the post covers are to explain.

“It’s easy, it’s simple. There’s no mess. You stick on our Gripper Tabs and then you slide the cover on, and that’s it – you’re done,” explains Brooke Long, Innoplast sales manager.

View the full video now.