Presenting Our New Mold for 8'' Bollard Covers

We are shaking things up here at Innoplast with lots of new molds for our bollard covers. In February we introduced our new decorative granite sizes, and now we'd like to introduce our new 8" bollard cover. Our 8" bollard covers are available in the same 72" length and can be custom cut for no extra charge. The covers have an inside diameter of 9.125", meaning they will easily fit your 8" nominal pipe with our patented gripper tabs.

On the surface it sounds like not much has changed, right? Well, the biggest difference is that these covers are now blow molded rather than rotocast. Blow molding gives us the ability to make our 8" covers out of high density polyethylene, rather the low density, giving them the same finish as our 4" and 7" covers.

8'' bollard covers

Blow molding our 8" covers also allows us a much faster production time. We can now keep a greater number of all standard color 8" covers in stock and produce custom orders with shorter lead times, though minimums still apply for custom colors.

We're always working to create the products you want; whether that means improving existing products, carrying new items, or creating a custom product just for your project. Let's work together to make your facility look exactly how you've always imagined!