5 Tips for U-Shaped Pipe Guards

Looking to add a little extra umph to your facility protection? Here are a few tips for adding our U-Shaped Pipe Guards to your facility:

1. Just like our suggestion for ordering straight bollards, check your local regulations for required height, diameter, and length below grade.

2. Determine the necessary width for your U-shaped pipe guard. This will most likely be determined by what you're trying to protect.

3.  Check out our U shaped pipe bollard guards to see what standard sizes we carry - some are available in both primed schedule 40 and stainless steel varieties.

4. If the size you require isn't listed, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We can fabricate most custom sizes.

5. Plan ahead - Our U-shaped steel bollards are heavy and will be delivered on a large truck. Make sure you have a way to unload your steel, or be sure to tell us when ordering if you’ll need a lift gate, be taking delivery at a residential location, etc.

Still have questions? No problem, we're here to chat and would love to help you. Contact us!