5 Tips for Preparing Your Parking Lot for Spring

As the end of winter is hopefully just around the corner it's time to start thinking about ways you can prepare your parking lot for the end of season snow melt and upcoming spring season. So here are our 5 tips to preparing your parking lot for spring.

  1. Clean out your drainage basins - As many of us face an impending thaw it's important to have a clear outlet for melting snow and run-off to leave your parking lot. Standing water provides an opportunity for unsightly puddles and water to seep into cracks that have developed during the winter which could eventually cause the upheaval of your parking lot asphalt.
  2. Re-install speed bumps - Now that snow plowing is finished for the season you're free to re-install your speed bumps. Making sure to install them at the beginning of the spring helps avoid motorists forming bad habits of driving through your parking lot at too high a rate of speed.
  3. Replace damaged equipment - Winter can be a harsh season and snow plows and sliding cars can do a number on your bollard covers and parking blocks. Now is the time to replace any covers that have been damaged during the winter months and replace any parking blocks that have had close encounters with snow plows.
  4. Seal cracks - Sealing cracks when they first appear helps to prevent water seeping into the base of your parking lot which could cause greater and more costly repairs down the line.
  5. Fill pot holes - This will most likely be the biggest repair needing to be made for spring, but the time and resources devoted to repairing any pot holes that have developed will go a long way toward keeping your facility's appearance in tip top shape and preventing even more costly insurance claims that could result from damage to customer's cars when pot holes are left unrepaired.

A well maintained parking lot is a great first impression for your business. Make sure you're doing the simple things that make a big impact.