5 Tips for Ordering Steel Bollards

Need a few pieces of advice about ordering steel bollard? Here are 5 of our best tips!

1. Check your city and state regulations for required diameter, height, and length below grade. This varies a great deal, so it's best to not assume that what worked on a previous project will be approved on your next project.

2. Determine what schedule (wall thickness) steel is required for your project. Sometimes your city may regulate this as well.

3. Do you need your pipe bare, primed or galvanized?

Bare: is always the most economic route to go, but may rust more quickly than other options. Our bollard covers are a perfect way to disguise old rusty pipe!

Primed: is great if you plan on painting your pipe or using our covers, and want a little more weather protection.

Galvanized: Provides the most weather protection, but is a poor choice if you plan to paint as it tends to not adhere well to the pipe surface. Galvanized pipe still works well with our covers

4. Plan. Sometimes there is a couple week lead time for steel (especially if you’re using galvanized steel) make sure you contact us with plenty of lead time before your scheduled concrete pour. We love to help if you’re in a bind, but every once in a while we’ve already used all of our miracles for the day before you call.

5. PLAN. Unlike our bollard covers our steel bollards are heavy and will come to you on a large truck. Make sure you have a way to unload your steel, or be sure to tell us when ordering if you’ll need a lift gate, be taking delivery at a residential location, etc.

As always, we’re here to help if you have more questions, are confused, or just want to chat about how much you love bollards and bollard covers. Feel free to contact us!