5 Tips for Flexible Bollards

Are you in the market for some new flexible bollards? Before you order take a look at our 5 things to consider. This list should help you ask the right questions to get the perfect product for your application.

1. Are you looking for a permanent or removable bollard?

Our BollardFlex option is available for permanent installation on a variety of surfaces, while our GorillaPost  product comes in both permanent and removable varieties.

2. On what type of surface will your flexible bollard be installed?

Determining whether your new bollards will be installed on concrete, asphalt, or natural ground will go a long way in ensuring you have the correct hardware for your needs. The BollardFlex is available for installation for all three application. The GorillaPost however, is best suited to concrete or asphalt installations.

3. What diameter bollard will fit your needs? 

Our GorillaPost product is available in 2 sizes: a 7" diameter and the KongPost at a 2 1/3" diameter. The BollardFlex is available in only the 7" size.

4. What color will work best for your applications?

Our smaller KongPost is available in yellow or orange. But if you're looking for a wider range of colors both the BollardFlex and GorillaPost are available in the same range of colors and our BollardGard bollard covers.

5. Will you need a sign post? 

Whether you've decided that the GorillaPost or the BollardFlex best fits your needs, both options are available with a sign post to complete your installation.

Remember if you still have questions you can always contact us by e-mail or by phone at 800-516-9287 and we'll be happy to help!