5 things to consider with Stainless Steel Traffic Bollards

Many of our customers love the high end look of stainless steel bollards, but many of them aren't sure about what options are available or how to choose the best bollard for them. So here are 5 things to consider when shopping for stainless steel:

1. The overall size of the bollard

  • What diameter would look best or best serve your purpose
  • What is the total length you require, sometimes it's best to check the local code to determine how much of the bollard must be buried below grade.

2. Removable or Fixed Bollard

  • Will you ever want to remove the bollard to allow traffic, either pedestrian or vehicular, through the area.

3. Flat top or Dome top

4. Brush or Satin Finish

5. Time Frame

  • Most stainless bollard have a lead time of 8-15 weeks. Make sure you order in plenty of time to meet project deadlines.