5 Things to Consider with Parking Blocks

The addition of parking blocks to your parking lot can be the perfect finishing touch, but sometimes our customers don't know what type of parking block will best suit their needs. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether our plastic or rubber parking blocks will be the newest addition to your facility.

  1. Our plastic parking blocks are solid plastic. Our rubber parking blocks have a honeycomb structure underneath.
  2. The rubber parking blocks have just a bit more flexibility to conform to pavement better than plastic.
  3. The plastic parking blocks come with mounting hardware for asphalt or concrete installation, while the hardware for rubber parking blocks is purchased seperately.
  4. The plastic parking blocks are available in: Yellow, Gray, Blue, and Black. The rubber parking blocks are available in: Black with Yellow Reflective stripes
  5. Our plastic parking blocks come in 4 different sizes. Our rubber parking blocks are available in a 6ft length.

Parking Blocks

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