5 steps to perfect BollardGard fit

Ever feel a little confused about how to measure for that perfect Bollard Gard fit? Here's how to make sure that it fits perfect everytime.

  1. Break out that old tape measure and let her see the light of day, guessing on the the size of your pipe only works about 17.3% of the time and we like to get it right everytime
  2. Measure the diameter of your bollard. That's the straight across the middle portion of the circle on the top.
  3. Measure the height of your post, all the way from the ground to the tippy top of that concrete dome (if you have one).
  4. Add 2-4" to the height of that post.
  5. Give us a call or jump on the e-commerce site over at www.innoplast.com and order  your covers.

Still a little uncertain about what size will fit your post give us a call with your measurements or use this handy bollard cover tool.