BumperWrap™, BollardGard™

BollardGard™ bollard covers enhance and protect the appearance of bumper post steel bollards in all indoor and outdoor applications. BollardGard™ is constructed from 1/8" thick Polyethylene (HDPE and MDPE) and 3M #680 reflective tape for durability and long service life. Our exclusive patented GripperTabs™ installation is the fastest and easiest way to secure bollard covers.

BumperWrap™ is a flexible protective wrap for use on concrete light pole bases, floor-to-ceiling columns, concrete walls, railings and many “non-standard” bollard applications. Bumperwrap™ is great for car dealership inventory lots, public and municipal parking lots, valet stations, drive thrus, gas stations, convenience stores, warehouses and municipal facilities.

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