1% in November

nov-1We're thankful for the opportunity to support our communities and although we try to participate in events year round November is really our favorite time of year to give back. That's because every November 1% of our sales go toward a very worthwhile charity. This year our donation will once again be going to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is doing amazing and much needed work in Northeast Ohio. The food bank provides meals to 247,000 residents in its six county service area. Half of those receiving meals are children or seniors, which means the food bank is providing valuable resources to some of our most vulnerable populations. Although serving 247,000 individuals may seem like a lot, the Food Bank estimates that there are actually 330,000 residents who are food insecure, meaning they are unsure when or from where there next meal will come. Three hundred thirty thousand residents may sounds like a rather steep figure, but Cleveland was recently ranked number one among the top 50 US cities for children living in poverty. Which is why the Food Bank would like to serve an additional 10,000 children in need over the next three years.

The Greater Cleveland Food bank has plans to help reduce the number of individuals in need of their services as well. By building partnerships with organizations that address the root causes of food insecurity they help provide residents with the tools necessary to have a more secure future. By connecting these resources they can better serve those in need, providing them with access to healthy food today and the ability to become food secure tomorrow.

Our donation from the 1% in November campaign goes toward helping make these goals a reality. More than 96% of donations received go directly to food bank programs and services, and with a 4 star rating on Charity Navigator we are confident our donation is in good hands. For every dollar we're able to donate the Greater Cleveland Food Bank is able to turn that dollar into 4 meals, which is a pretty incredible feat.

So as the year is winding down we ask you to think about placing any end of year orders in the month of November, we'd love for this year to be our biggest 1% in November donation yet.  Or if you'd prefer you can make a donation directly to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank here.

Thank you for helping us to support our community and those in need this Thanksgiving season.