BollardGard Bollard Cover & BumperWrap Case Studies

Country Bank BollardGard™ Bollard Cover Project


In the past the Facilities Department at Country Bank has had the job of painting all of the bollard posts at their 10 branch locations. This can be quite a lengthy process when the posts are rusted, gouged, and bent from being hit by snowplows. Read how Innoplast's BollardGard bollard covers helped reduce costs, save time and improve the appearance at each location.

Airborne Express BumperWrap™ Project


For delivery company Airborne Express, asset protection is crucial. Every day, thousands of packages and envelopes are entrusted to Airborne. However, one asset they’ve had trouble protecting has been their own vehicles – at least until recently. See how Airbone Express used BumperWrap to protect their vehicles.

Logan Airport Custom Post Cover Project


In 2005 the Architect for The Massachusetts Port Authority contacted us to manufacture Custom Post Covers for the security bollards that were being installed at Logan Airport.  With the help of our design team, Innoplast supplied over 400 custom bollard covers to meet the exacting standards of this government agency.

WAWA Convenience Store Chain U- Shaped Bollards Project



Innoplast is working closely with the WAWA convenience store chain to develop and install custom BollardGards on existing u-bollards around store perimeters. Currently the bollards are stripped to bare metal and repainted every year. Find out how Innoplast's custom U Shaped BollardGards helped Wawa cut down on maintenance.